April 20, 2010

Guess what I made last night for dinner?  I made a modified version of my Steamed Garlic Shrimp. I shelled the shrimp before they were steamed.  It was probably a lazy bum’s version since I didn’t need to peel them when I ate them.  Awesome.  It tasted really yummy.  The shrimp were big, and texture was really good.  I got them from a Chinese grocery store on Saturday.  You know, you could really get a good deal from most Chinese grocery stores.  They are usually cheaper and have more variety than American grocery stores.  For example, instead of paying like $10 or $11 a pound for shrimp, it would be like $8 or $9 a pound for the same kind of shrimp.  Besides seafood from Chinese grocery stores are fresher.   Anyway, if you cook this dish, you should make sure the shrimp are fresh and big enough, that’s my suggestion.  BTW, talking about big shrimp, this reminds me that I should show you guys this picture.   Last time I visited my mom, she cooked me all my favorite dishes.  And the shrimp dish was a huge surprise.  I couldn’t even put words to describe the shrimp. I had never seen any shrimp of this size.  This really put a new meaning to “jumbo”.  I wish mom will make me that shrimp again next time I visit her. LOL  🙂

Really jumbo shrimp!
Really jumbo shrimp!

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