May 17, 2010
I guit golf. I'm gonna miss this.
I guit golf. I'm gonna miss this.

I played two days of golf this weekend, and I totally sucked. I was going to quit golf.  <Sign> I was angry, frustrated and mad at myself.  Just when I thought I was playing better this year, or I was moving 2 steps forward, and yet I just moved 7 steps backward.  Oh well. I guess life don’t always turn out to be the way we would like it to be.  I couldn’t help cook up a bunch of meat after the game.  You know, food can be comforting in times like this.  I cooked a lot of food. I had steak, chicken drumsticks, shrimps and some potatos.  I could feed a bunch of neighbors as well. LOL.  I ate a lot.  I was not supposed to, and I kind of regretted the next day.  I still got so much leftovers. I deboned the chicken drumsticks and I could use the chicken meat for soemthing else later like fried rice, noodle soup, or salad.

BBQ after a golf game
BBQ after a golf game
Grilled chicken drumsticks looked pretty good
Grilled chicken drumsticks looked pretty good
Deboned the drumsticks leftover. The meat can be used in fried rice, noodles, or salad.
Deboned the drumsticks leftover. The meat can be used in fried rice, noodles, or salad.

Ingredients (you can grill whatever, this was what I had yesterday):

  • Large shrimp, 3/4 of a pound
  • Chicken drumsticks, 3 pounds
  • Filet Mignon, 2
  • Sweet potato, 4
  • Bamboo skillets, 5 pieces


  • For sweet potatos, cook them in a microwave for 8 mins on high first.  Take them out, wrap each one in aluminum foil.  In this way, you can finish the cooking on the grill and it will take less time since the potatos are half cooked.
  • Soak bamboo skillets in water for a few minutes first.  Clean and shell the shrimp.  Put shrimp on the skillets.  Put them aside.
  • Spray non-stick cooking oil on the surface of the grill.  Start the grill. 
  • Put the meat that needs the longest time to cook first, ie, the drumsticks.  Drumsticks need to be cook for about an hour.
  • Put potatoes on the grill next.  Just put them aside. You don’t really need to pay much attention to them. Just flip them occassionally. They can be cooked for 30 mins or less.
  • Steaks do not need to be cook that long either.  It all depends on how you would like it cooked. 
  • Cook the shrimp last.  Spray some cooking oil on the shrimp first before putting it on the grill so that it won’t stick.  Cook each side for about 5 minutes or until it is fully cooked.  The meat will not be translucent when it is cooked.  Squeeze a few drops of lemon juice onto the shrimp if you prefer. 

Dipping Sauce:

  • For chicken, mix 3 tablespoons of honey with a tablespoon of soy source, a dash of garlic power, salt and pepper.  Brush the sauce onto the chicken when the meat is cooked.
  • For steak, you can use your favorite steak sauce. I prefer Peter Luger steak sauce. It is the best in my opinion.

2 thoughts on “A Lot of Meat for Comfort”

  1. Would you recommend using this dipping sauce to baste your meat (basting sauce) on the grill? I think it would create a crispy and tasty crust if you used this sauce to baste the meat while on the barbecue?

  2. Sure. You can put the sauce on the meat when the meat is almost done and still in the grill. In that case, the sauce is cooked and stick to the meat which makes it very yummy. I didn’t do that as I was lazy to brush the sauce on the meat. Hehheheh…

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