Hi. This is Fatty.  I am Chinese. I live in US.  I like to eat, and I like to cook (most of the time).  When it comes to food, I’m very picky.  Hey, I only live once!

I can’t stand the fake Chinese food in US. I don’t like fusion food either.  Most Chinese restaurants in the US offer fake Chinese food.

I still remember I celebrated Chinese New Year at a Chinese restaurant once, and I ordered lobster and chow mein.  I assume most of you have tried chow mein before. “Chow” means “stir fry” in Cantonese, and “mein” means noodles.  So “chow mein” is supposed to be a fried noodle dish, right?  Guess what? When the dish came, I didn’t see any noodles.  I asked the waiter, “Where’s the mein?”  He told me chow mein doesn’t have any mein in it.  That’s bogus!  Why the heck is it called mein when there isn’t any mein in it?  To me, it looked like a dish of chopped rotten-like veggies in some glue, yucky!   I can quote a bunch more examples like this!

Anyway, I am creating this site to share with you some of the good Chinese dishes that are easy to make, and yet very tasty.

BTW, I forgot to mention that I’m a very busy working individual just like most of you.  My day job is very hectic, and I also study part time. So, I don’t make anything that is complicated.  I don’t have time for that.

All these dishes I”m showing you here are easy to make.

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