I made Sukiyaki last night. But I really didn’t have all the good ingredients.  I modified a lot of it.  I got some thin beef slices from the Chinese store.  The beef is no where as good as the ribeye slices from the Japanese store. But hey, there is a big difference in price.  I didn’t have the Japanese miracle noodles, I used the regular Chinese cellophane noodles.  I didn’t have the Japanese enoki or fresh shiitake mushrooms.  I used regular white mushrooms instead.  I didn’t get the Japanese made tofu, I had the Chinese brand tofu instead.  Hahahha… TOFU IS TOFU.  They all taste the same.  I also added some inexpensive fish cakes/balls that I got from the Chinese store.  Anyway, I substituted a lot of ingredients but I used the same seasoning and method to cook it.  I used what I had.  It was still very yummy.  Price-wise, I cut the dish from a $25 ingredient meal to half of it.  Not bad at all for a yummy knock-off.

For the original recipe, see Beef Sukiyaki with Miracle Noodles

Beef Sukiyaki - a cheaper modified version

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