It’s almost Thanksgiving in US.  While everyone is getting ready for the big turkey dinner, I could really care less about having any turkey. LOL.  It took me couple of days to prepare for the Thanksgiving dinner.  I got my shopping list, I had to make sure I got to the grocery store at least a week ago to get a good size turkey, ie, whatever smallest one I could get. LOL.  I had to defrost the bird a couple of days before. I had to get up early to start cooking the bird, the stuffing, the side dishes, the pies, … And guess what?  Everyone ate a couple of pieces of turkey, a little bit of everything.  There were just too much leftovers after that.  It would be a waste to throw them out, and yet no one wanted to see or hear anymore turkey after Thanksgiving.  See, too much stress.  I really can skip turkey if I could.  I prefer the Chinese gathering food instead, something like hot pot.  There is nothing like hot pot in my opinion.  Besides a lot of varieties of food, it is really the atmosphere that I missed.  Friends and family gathered around the table, we each make our own food, we eat a little bit, we talk more, we drink more.  It would be a relaxing dinner. I would forget about crazy work or stress.  We dedicated a few hours to spend with each other, and catching up.  That is truly wonderful. The best part is that whatever leftover, we can cook it for only one more meal and it would be gone forever, not like the turkey dinner leftover that I had to convert it into countless meals like turkey soup, turkey sandwich, turkey pot pie, … You know what I mean.  LOL.

A lot of food for Chinese hot pot
Chinese daikon radish and sweet corn soup base
A lot of vegetable and different kinds of mushrooms
Must have different kinds of balls - fish balls, fish cakes, beef balls...
Another must haves - good cut of beef

2 thoughts on “Hong Kong Trip: Chinese Hot Pot – Great for Gathering”

  1. It looks good but you will become a fatty girl after that. Why you did not have fish cut and crabs? It’s nice to come with Coke or chilled beer. Anyway, happy thanksgiving.

  2. Yup, you can certainly put fish and crabs, and even some expensive stuff like lobsters or geoduck 😀 Yummy yummy. But those are all fancy versions of hot pot. To me, it’s the atmosphere and the companies that matter. Food is secondary. Maybe next time, I’ll try a fancy expensive hot pot over a fine glass of wine 😀

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