February 23, 2010

I  have been debating if I should go to the Chinese New Year dinner at work. It’s a 10-course meal!  I haven’t had one like this for years.  The other day I saw my friend Margo.  She was telling me that she would never forget that a whole chicken was served in a Chinese New Year dinner.  She said it was so freaky to see the Chicken head on the table. LOL.  Ya, it is freaky, so does the fish head.  Chinese always serve a whole chicken, and a whole fish in banquets.  There are all sorts of weird ingredients or dishes that you may not get a chance to have unless you try out one of these banquets, including Shark Fin Soup, Sea Cucumber, Jelly Fish etc.  I still remember my American coworker grabbed a piece of sea cucumber and that thing just flew off the table.  It was impossible to grab. I couldn’t do it, and I’m Chinese.  LOL… So much fun.


Chinese New Year Banquet Menu

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