March 4, 2011


Happy Friday!  After a hectic day, I really didn’t feel like cooking.  I had fake Chinese food for dinner… I mean Americanized Chinese food.  LOL.  I couldn’t help myself to post the food I ate tonight here.  To my Chinese friends, let me introduce you to the “Chinese food” in US! LOL.

I ordered a two-entry dinner at a food court in the mall.  I picked Orange Chicken and something called Fire Cracker Chicken (who thought of names like this? LOL), and it came with noodles or rice.  I got noodles.  The noodles were extremely oily and full of MSG.  Both chicken dishes were probably deep fried and then cooked in extreme high sugar content sauces.  I couldn’t think of anything more unhealthy that this.  Even KFC may be healthier!  I ate it.  LOL.  It tasted semi-ok.  But of course, I have lowered my expectation for Chinese food in US over the years.  It doesn’t matter whether it was from a restaurant or a take out place.  All of them pretty much taste the same and look the same.  To complement my bad choice of dinner, I bought myself a bag of nice chocolates.  It was pricey for a tiny bag.  But it was certainly worth it.  I now felt much happier.  No bad for a Friday that I didn’t have to cook or do dishes.  YAY!!

Americanized Chinese Food in US
Godiva chocolate

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