I’m really wondering if my life will get any less busy.  My day job plus my part-time school are killing me.  Plus I’m trying hard to squeeze in an hour per day to do p90x so that I can look excellent in 90 days, and not a little fatty. LOL. But time is my enemy.  I couldn’t find time to do anything.   A few weeks ago, someone introduced me to a super lazy dish which was steamed tofu and fish floss on it.  I was like “wow, who would think of a lazy dish like this?”  But now I definitely need some lazy dish like this.  I was pretty much having 5 or 6 hours back to back meetings these days.  I got a pack of tofu and fish floss at home.  So I was willing to give it a try. I modify the dish even more to suit my laziness.  Instead of steaming the tofu, I just microwave it.  Tofu is already cooked and they are edible out of the package.  So what’s the point of steaming it if I just want to heat it up?  That was the super lazy Fatty speaking. LOL.  So, I heated it up in a microwave for a minute.  Discard any water.  Then I added a few tablespoons of fish floss on top.  It was surprisingly refreshing.  I loved it.  Plus it is healthy, no oil, no toxin.  I ate that as a side dish with a bowl of rice.  Fish floss is one of those funky things.  It is dried and is already cooked.  It has a fish taste but not the fish texture.  I’ve seen mom made that from scratch when I was kid.  She used the leftover fish filet, and stir fried it in a wok while smashing it until it got really dried and turned flaky.  I would not know how to repeat what she did.  I usually put fish floss on a bowl of rice and it would be yummy.  I tried putting fish floss on a piece of bread and make it like a sandwich. It was yummy too.  It was funky but it was definitely cool stuff.  I usually keep a can of fish floss in my pantry just in case I have 0 time to cook, which happened quite often to me these days.

Fish Floss. Very flaky. This one has some seaweed in it.
A pack of tofu. Use soft or medium firmness
Tofu with Fish Floss. Healthy, lazy, funky!

Ingredients (Serves 2 as side dish):

  • Tofu, 1 pack (soft or medium firmness)
  • Fish floss – about 5 or 6 Tbsp (or you can add more)


  1. Cut tofu into thick slices, like 1.5 inches or so.  Lay it flat on a plate.
  2. You can steam the tofu or microwave it for a minute like I did if you are lazy.  Or you can have it cold too. It’s up to you.  Discard any water.
  3. Use a paper towel to pat dry the surface of the tofu.
  4. Add the fish floss on top.

2 thoughts on “Fish Floss and Tofu – A whole new level of lazy dish (3 mins)”

  1. hi there! i was just wondering how healthy the tofu and fish floss is. if i wanted to go on diet itll be good? thank you for all the amazing recipes!

  2. I think it is pretty healthy. I’ve been eating this for a while as lunch food as diet food. There’s no oil or fat in the dish. I’m losing a few pounds 🙂

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