I looked around at people I know, everyone works like crazy to make a living in this economy.  I know I age fast with the stress I have.  I used to pluck my white hair whenever I see it.  Now, I got so many that I don’t even care. My vision is getting worse.  I do feel my body is getting old.  Can I do something about it?  Yes, I can  exercise more to keep my mind and soul young. But it’s just hard to find time.  Also diet is important.  One thing I know I’m missing all these years in my diet is soup.  Soup is a very important part of Chinese diet.  I’m not talking about Wonton Soup or Chicken and Sweet Corn Soup.  I’m talking about traditional Chinese soup like Ginseng Chicken Soup that takes a few hours to make.  All the good flavor and nutrients of the ingredients are released in the water after the cooking process.  Growing up, my mom made soup almost every day.  We would have a bowl of soup at the end of each meal.  It was like taking daily supplement in an organic way.  All these years, mom has been telling me that I need to make soup, but I kept telling her I have no time.  She said I can cook it in a crockpot and it didn’t take much effort.  I felt guilty that I have not done anything with the soup mix that she packed for me.  I promised her that I would do so.  After I hang up the phone with her on Saturday night.  I put a soup mix package that she gave me with Gogi Wolfberries in a crock pot. I added some chicken drumsticks in it.  I filled up the pot with hot water. I put the lid on.  I turned the cooking temperature to be high. And I went to bed.  6 hours later when I woke up on Sunday morning.  The soup was ready!  I just made the soup while I was sleeping!!! How cool was that!  Mom was right again. It was effortless.  The soup was delicious.  I ate everything including the Gogi berries.   Gogi Wolfberries are getting more traction these days as Westerners recently discovered the nutritious values of these little guys.  Gogi berries have amazing anti-aging power, improve your vision and boost your immune system.  They are packed with tons of antioxidants.  I will put Gogi Chicken Soup as part of my regular meals instead of wasting money on buying anti-aging creams that don’t work. LOL.

Chinese Soup Mix:

You can get a pack of Chinese soup mix from a Chinese grocery store that contains Gogi Wolfberries.  They are inexpensive.  Or you can buy separate ingredients from the store.  I would suggest to include these 3:

  • Gogi Wolfberries  – They are tiny dried berries, red in color. They are great for anti-aging and vision
  • Dioscorea Opposita – It’s a kind of Japanese Yam, white in color. Use the dried ones here.  They are also pre-sliced. They are good for the immune system.
  • Dried Logan fruit (aka dragon eye fruit) –  They are dark brown in color when dried.  They are rich in Vitamin A and C. Good stuff for improving vision and immune system.
Chinese Soup Mix with Gogi Berries
Chinese Soup Mix with Gogi Berries
Mom's Chinese Soup Mix including Gogi Berries (red ones), Dioscorea Opposita (long, white slices), dried Logan/Dragon Eye fruit and other good stuff
Mom's Chinese Soup Mix including Gogi Berries (red ones), Dioscorea Opposita (long, white slices), dried Logan/Dragon Eye fruit and other good stuff
Gogi Wolfberries Chinese Chicken Soup for Anti-aging
Gogi Wolfberries Chinese Chicken Soup for Anti-aging


  • Dried Gogi Wolfberries, 2 Tbsp
  • Dioscorea Opposita, a big handful
  • Dried Logan fruit, a small handful
  • Chicken, 1.5 pounds. I used 7 drumsticks, or you can put 1/2 a chicken, or breast meat or dark meat. Or pork, if you prefer that.


  1. Boil a big pot of water.
  2. Put soup mix in a colander or strainer.  Rinse it under water.
  3. Add the soup mix in a crock pot. 
  4. Add chicken to the crock pot.
  5. Add hot water to the pot. Leave about 1 inches room on top.
  6. Put the lid on. Turn the temperature of the crock pot to be high.  Set your timer to 5 or 6 hours or so.  The soup will be done.  You don’t have to do anything while it cooks.
  7. Add a pinch of salt for taste when it is done.

3 thoughts on “Gogi Wolfberries Chicken Soup for Anti-aging”

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  2. hi, wanted to try boiling this soup, however, are you are to give me a complete list of your ‘soup mix’? many thanks

  3. Hi Sorry, for the late response. In my mom’s soup mix, it has Gogi Berries (red ones), Dioscorea Opposita (long, white slices), dried Logan/Dragon Eye fruit, dried orange peel, dried abalone. And I don’t know the english name for some of the long yellowish sticks. But I think you can easily find the gogi berries, dried dragon fruit, and the dioscorea opposita from some Chinese grocery store. If you put these together with the chicken, the soup would be very nutritious 🙂

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