March 14, 2011

 I felt devastating watching the tsunami situation in Japan from youtube or TV.  It was really scary.

I couldn’t even imagine any what-ifs if it happened to me.  A good friend of mine was visiting Japan when the earthquake happened.  She sent a message on Facebook saying she experienced a little bit of earthquake when she was enjoying her coffee at a café.  We just didn’t know that the big earthquake came the next day.  We lost touch for a few days and I was thankful to know she and her family survived and they are safe in one piece.  I have a few friends in Japan, and they are all safe.  It’s really sad to think about how long would the country take to reconstruct roads, houses, schools, … to bring the nation back.  Even though I’ve only visited Japan couple of times, I felt a strong tie to it.  I love Japanese food.  Ramen noodles are pretty much my daily lunch these days.  I grew up with tons of Japanese cartoons and comics.  I still love Dragonball even thought I’m too old for that now.  I have used tons of gadgets and devices that were made in Japan.  I feel very sad.  I feel obligated to spread the words.

Help Japan. Help if you can. Donate.  Ever dollar counts. If you have itunes, try this link, it’s very easy to donate to the Red Cross for the Japan Tsunami Fund.

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