It wasn’t my intent to introduce all these weird dishes here. But it happened tonight that my buddy ordered a Steamed Fish Intestine dish, and I couldn’t help to take a picture of it.  I had never tried fish intestine before. It was not appealing to my appetite just knowing that it was fish intestine that I was having.  I did try a bite.  It was not as bad as I thought, edible and I didn’t throw up.  LOL.  But I know it wasn’t something that I would order.  From the look of the dish, I would be fooled if no one told me it was fish intestine.  It looked like a poofy egg omelette.  Besides, it smelled really good.  My friend told me it was a traditional Cantonese dish. I had no idea.  All I know was that I tried and I wasn’t crazy about it.

Steamed Fish Intestine - not my thing

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