So I posted my new Soy Sauce Chicken on facebook last night.  My FB buddies gave me nice comments.  They all said it looked good.  I am pretty happy about it.  I still got a bunch of food pictures of my Hong Kong trip that I need to post later.  For now, I need to post my stuffing recipe first since it’s still the Thanksgiving holidays.  Most of the time, the stuffing were gone pretty quickly for a Thanksgiving meal, while there would be tons of leftover turkey.  I usually had to make another batch of stuffing to go with the leftover turkey.  I used to hate stuffing because I couldn’t relate what it was.  It was mushy, not much texture, it didn’t taste good and I usually couldn’t tell what’s in it.  People put the stuffing in the turkey.  If the turkey wasn’t fully cooked, the stuffing would absorb the blood and you really shouldn’t eat that.  Sorry, it could be very gross.  Anyway, as a Chinese, stuffing is totally an alien food to me. LOL.  Until a few years ago, I decided to learn how to prepare a full Thanksgiving dinner, and I had to learn how to make turkey, stuffing, gravy, apple pies, butternut squash,….  I searched for a lot recipes and watched tons of youtube videos.  Then I found out stuffing does not need be stuffed inside the turkey!  What a relief!  My buddy told me that his mom also put sausages in the stuffing.  I was like “Alright!” That sounds good to me as I’m totally a carnivore!  So I picked a good-looking stuffing recipe online, and I added a pack of sausages.  I could tell by the rate the stuffing was gone that it was yummy. LOL.

Sweet Italian Sausage is the key
Cook sausage first, then add apple, celery, and onion
Stuffing - basically it is some dried bread cubes and spices
Need to let it cool down before adding eggs
Yummy stuffing after it is baked. It didn't last long.

Ingredients (Serves at least 4):

  • Italian sweet sausage, 1 pack
  • Stuffing, 7 cups
  • Celery, 3 to 4 stalks
  • Onion, 1
  • Apples, 2
  • Eggs, 2
  • Chicken stock, 2 cups
  • Sage powder or chicken seasoning powder, a few dashes
  • Dried parsley, 1 Tbsp
  • Pepper, a dash
  • Salt, a dash
  • Butter, 2 tbsp
  • A can of non-stick cooking oil


  1. Cut onion into dices, put it aside.
  2. Cut celery into small dices, put it aside.
  3. Cut apples into small dices, put it aside.
  4. Cook the sausages first.  You may want to cut a slit in each sausage and remove the casing first.  Discard the casings.  Use a large frying pan.  You can spray some cooking oil if you like. I didn’t add any oil since sausages are kind of fatty.  Brown a pack of sausages in a pan using medium high heat.  Mix the meat well.  Try to separate the meat into small cubes while cooking.  Cook it for a few minutes until the meat looks almost done.
  5. Add apples, onion, and celery to the meat.  Mix the whole thing well and cook it for 3 minutes or so.
  6. Add stuffing to the pan.  Add 2 cups of chicken stock.  Combine the whole thing and let it cook for another 3 minutes.
  7. Turn off the heat.  Let it cool down for 30 minutes or so as we need to add the eggs later.  Ya, you don’t scrambled eggs.
  8. When the pan is cooled down a bit, add two eggs, parsley, dried sage powder, a dash of salt and pepper.  Mix everything well.
  9. Prepare a baking pan.  Spray non-stick cooking oil in the baking pan.  Put stuffing mixture into the baking pan.  Add some butter on top.  That would give a crispy look on the surface when it is baked.
  10. Preheat the oven at 375F.  When the oven is ready, bake the stuffing for 45 mins untouched.  Serve hot.

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