It wasn’t my intent to introduce all these weird dishes here. But it happened tonight that my buddy ordered a Steamed Fish Intestine dish, and I couldn’t help to take a picture of it.  I had never tried fish intestine before. It was not appealing to my appetite just knowing that it was fish intestine that I was having.  I did try a bite.  It was not as bad as I thought, edible and I didn’t throw up.  LOL.  But I know it wasn’t something that I would order.  From the look of the dish, I would be fooled if no one told me it was fish intestine.  It looked like a poofy egg omelette.  Besides, it smelled really good.  My friend told me it was a traditional Cantonese dish. I had no idea.  All I know was that I tried and I wasn’t crazy about it.

Steamed Fish Intestine - not my thing

Finally, I was able to take a break after all these crazy workloads. I’m in Happyland visiting friends and family. I mean I’m back in Hong Kong. I couldn’t help trying out food I grew up with. A lot of the food that I carved could be added to the Bizarre Food show. LOL. I never crave expensive stuff, rather, I love regular food. Call me cheap or stupid. For lunch today, I had a bowl of dumplings and fish balls soup, and some deep fried fish skins. The fish skins were so crunchy. They were like crackers. I soaked a piece of the fish skin into the soup, it was delicious! The wontons were not regular dumplings. The skin of the dumplings was made from fish, not kidding! They are actually called “Fish Skin Dumplings”. I think the whole wonton was made from fish. It was so yummy. I remember I bought a bag of Fish Skin Dumplings from a Chinese grocery store in NY. I cooked it like I did for regular dumplings. It was pretty yucky and it didn’t taste anything like the real ones I got from Hong Kong. With a simple meal like this, I was totally satisfied. Besides, fish skin has a bunch of collagen. So the more I eat this, I probably have better skin. LOL.

Deep fried fish skin. They are like crackers 🙂
Fish Skin Dumpling, super yummy