My Japanese buddy introduced me to Japanese snack bars years ago.  He described that most Japanese men like to hang out at these snack bars after work, eat, smoke and get drunk. To me, it is similar to happy hour.  I have never been to any real Japanese snack bar till a few years ago when I was visiting Tokyo.  I loved it. Even though I don’t speak any Japanese, I managed to order some snacks, some wine and I had really great times there.  I’m here in Hong Kong visiting friends. My girlfriends introduced me to a Japanese snack bar at a residential area.  Everything was served on a stick.  The restaurant is small, but very cozy.  Who cares about fancy restaurant in a hotel or fancy decoration on a dish?  No frills, no gimmicks.  The food was plain simple, and delicious.  We ordered grilled chicken wings, beef tongue, eel, chicken liver, chicken skin, pork with asparagus wrap, and a lot more…  The chicken wings were just grilled to perfection. They were crispy on the skin, and they were simply flavored with a dash of salt.  That was superb!  The grilled eel was crispy on the skin and soft on the flesh… I could probably talk forever to describe every dish I had.  I had great times hanging out with friends, chatting about old times, snacking these delicious food, and drinking tons of sake.  Life is good. I can’t ask for more.

A small Japanese snack bar in Hong Kong
Chicken wings and eels on a stick