OMG, what a week!  I was completely buried with deadlines at work and assignment stuff for school.  Plus, I’m forcing myself to spend an hour exercise per day.  I probably got 3 hours of sleep per night for the whole week.  Yet, I still try to make some dinner instead of getting pizza.  What I made for dinner was all easy stuff, something like Unagi-don, a Japanese grilled sea eel with rice.  EEL????  Eeeewww!!!  Yes, it is a long and round snake-looking fish.  Sound yucky right?  I remember watching my grandpa killed an eel when I was a kid.  I won’t go into details.  But it wasn’t something I could do.  I am glad that the eel I got was already cleaned, filet, and actually completely cooked.  To me, eel is very yummy.  It has a very soft white flesh.  I got this one from the refrigerated/frozen food section of a Chinese grocery store.  It is packed in a plastic bag.  Eel is usually relatively expensive.  I think it was like $7 for the one I got.  But still, it is still a lot cheaper compare to having the same dish (unagi dinner) at any Japanese restaurant.  The unagi dinner was served with some white Japanese rice on a bottom of a fancy Japanese box or bowl, then the fish was placed on top of the rice, and a few pieces of pickled vegetable was placed on the side of the fish.  That was it.  And they would easily charge you $20 for that.  It is probably the easiest dish to make at home.  The ready-made unagi I got is already cooked.  It was grilled with teriyaki sauce, very tasty.  I cut a small corner off from the bag.  Put the whole bag in the microwave. A minute or two later, the fish is ready.  Then I heat up some ready-made rice for couple of minutes in the microwave.  So, no more than 5 minutes, my dinner is ready!  Thank god for the microwave!!   


Fully cooked unagi in a bag
Unagi dinner, served with rice and pickled vegetable

Ingredients (serves 1 or 2 depending on how big a piece of fish you prefer):

  • Eel, 1 pack
  • Ready-cooked rice, 1 pack (you can get it from any grocery store.  It just need to be heated up in a microwave)
  • Optional: some pickled vegetable (it is usually served with some yellow pickled Japanese radish.  I didn’t have that at home, I served it with some Chinese pickled vegetable instead)
  • Optional: some vegetable (I stir fried some chinese broccoli, you can use regular broccoli or whatever you prefer)



  1. Put the ready-made rice in the microwave.  Follow the cooking instruction of the ready-made rice.  Different brand has different instructions.  When the rice is done, put it on a serving plate or some fancy bowl.
  2. Cut off a small corner of the bag of the unagi so that it can vent out steams when heated.  Put it in the microwave and heat it up (with the bag on) on high temperature for 1 minute.  Then check if it is warm enough or not.  Repeat for 30 seconds if needed.  Remove fish from the bag.  Cut it into halves.  Place fish on the rice.  
  3. Optionally, add pickle vegetable on the side. 
  4. Optionally, you can serve it with some stir-fried vegetable like I did. That probably takes 5 mins to cook it.

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