Happy Friday.  That’s what we were supposed to say. Instead, I have another hectic Friday with tons of meetings.  I got 30 minutes to fix my lunch. De javu again.  I opened my fridge and I saw the Zongzi that I bought last week from a Chinese grocery store.  This is it, my lunch of the day.  If you have never seen one before, they look kind of mysterious.  You may guess it is some mystery food wrapped in some leaves and made in a triangular shape.  Haha, true. But it’s not as bad as hot dog that we have absolute no clue what mystery meat that is made of.  Zongzi is sweet glutinous rice (sticky rice), shiitake mushrooms, dried shrimps, peanuts, salty egg yolk, chestnut, chicken meat/pork all wrapped with some leaves. I forogt if these are banana leaves or Lotus flower leaves. Anyway, the leaves give the rice mixture a very nice aroma.  I have made this from scratch before. It was a lot of fun and super yummy.  They are supposed to be a seasonal food during the Dragon Boat Festival in fall.  These days, you can get Zongzi from the refridgerated section of any Chinese grocery store.  My mom’s version is the best.  One time she was being creative, and she wrapped expensive stuff like shark fins, dried scallops as fillings.  It was super delicious.  Well, that only happened once in my life. She never made that again. 

If I have time to make it from scratch, I’ll show you guys later.  For now, I cheated with the ready-made version.  I usually put them in a big pot of water and just boil it for 10 mins.  But today, I use the microwave instead.  Just 5 mins and my lunch was ready 😀

Funky looking Zongzi
Funky looking Zongzi
Zongzi Unwrapped
Zongzi Unwrapped
Zongzi, yummy :)
Zongzi, yummy 🙂

Microwave version:

  1. Put a Zongzi in a bowl.  Do not unwrap it.  Add about half a cup of water to the bowl.
  2. Wet a piece of paper towel and put it on top of the zongzi so that it covers the bowl. The water and the wet towel will give some steam when we heat the zongzi in the microwave.
  3. Put the whole thing in the microwave.  Use max power and heat it up for 3 minutes.  Take it out and disgard the water.
  4. Unwrap the zongzi.  Disgard the leaves.  Put the zongzi back in the bowl.  Cut it open to check if it is warm/hot enough.  If not, wet the towel and cover zongzi, and put it back in the microwave for another m inute.
  5. Add a few drops of soy sauce for flavor.

Stove Top version:

  1. Do not unwrap the zongzi.  Put the zongzi in a big pot of water.   Make sure the water covers the zongzi.
  2. Use high heat and cook it for 10 minutes in the water.
  3. Unwrap the zongzi. Add a few drops of soy sauce for taste.

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